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Design criteria

Beatrice Offshore Windfarm

Design criteria

To support the design and engineering requirements for the Beatrice offshore wind development, we provided a suite of metocean design and operational criteria.

ABPmer used the SEASTATES hindcast database to develop bespoke high-resolution hydrodynamic and wave models. These provided the long term databases required for robust statistical analysis of metocean conditions, which were supported and validated by multiple measured data sets.

The design criteria provided a statistical breakdown of extreme metocean conditions: including wind speeds, wave heights, current velocities and water levels, essential to inform the developer's Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies. Development of operational criteria from the long term hindcast databases contributed to fatigue analysis of the proposed developments and were used to inform construction and maintenance planning.

The design criteria were subject to independent review to ensure compliance with ISO standards.

Our approach offered a technical advantage over other commercially available hindcast models operating at a coarser spatial resolution, and supported a more detailed understanding of the unique Moray Firth environment.

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Martin Williams

Metocean specialist
+44 (0)23 8071 1881

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