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Robin Stephens

Metocean Business Manager
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Metocean criteria for offshore wind farm


Metocean data

Sustainability consultants ERM appointed ABPmer to deliver metocean data to characterise marine conditions for a proposed offshore wind farm off the east coast of Scotland.

Our metocean scientists extracted forty years of hindcast data from our European Shelf wave and hydrodynamic models, which include wind a wave data validated against independent long-term satellite altimeter measurements.

The data was subjected to extremes analysis to provide ERM with comprehensive data on operational and extreme wind, wave, water level and current conditions. We also provided meteorological data as well as sea water properties and estimates of marine growth rate.

ABPmer has a comprehensive metocean analysis toolbox that meets the requirements of the international oil and gas and offshore renewables industries. These analysis routines have been used extensively on a wide range of projects, many subject to review by international certifying authorities.

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Robin Stephens

Metocean Business Manager
+44 (0)23 8071 1879

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