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David Lambkin

Metocean specialist
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Weather downtime information to support operational and route planning


Weather downtime

Weather downtime risk is often carried by the contractor. So that Cadeler (formerly Seajacks), an owner-operator of self-propelled harsh environment installation vessels, can optimise operation planning, mitigate risk and offer best priced contracts, we provide them with key insights into the effect of weather on their planned operations.

To make our assessments, we use SEASTATES hindcast data to source oceanographic and meteorological conditions. We incorporate complex multi-stage operations into our weather downtime planning with the potential to include multiple limiting parameters at each operation stage. This allows Cadeler the flexibility and level of detail required for marine operations testing.

Cadeler had also considered multiple options for ports for installations further offshore. For port options far from the installation site, we applied SEASTATES wind and wave data along the route, including waypoints and safe havens, allowing Cadeler to understand weather risk at the construction site, in port, and along transit routes.

Our weather downtime calculator provides robust statistical estimates to dramatically increase your understanding of project risk. Learn more about our weather downtime services.

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David Lambkin

Metocean specialist
+44 (0)23 8071 1874

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