Design Criteria

Over-design of marine structures can impact project cost, while under-design can have catastrophic consequences.

Accurate design criteria are therefore essential in ensuring marine structures are both economical and safe.

ABPmer’s metocean information service, SEASTATES, minimises uncertainty, maximises efficiency and ensures compliance with international standards.

Our metocean scientists understand oceanographic processes and have substantial experience providing design criteria for a variety of engineering purposes.

Our in-house global validated hindcast models and metocean databases have informed the design development of offshore windfarms, coastal defence structures, interconnectors and other maritime infrastructure.

Having in-house access to quality controlled metocean information means we can provide you with the information needed to inform your decisions, fast.

Using our validated metocean hindcast database means your project design is informed with accurate historical data.

When needed, we can also use our data to develop and drive numerical models to help you understand every aspect of the site’s characteristics.

Our services

  • Air gap calculations
  • Breaking wave assessment
  • Current speed and direction throughout the water column
  • Design wind criteria at a range of averaging periods and heights
  • Environmental contours of wave height/period
  • Fatigue wave analysis
  • ISO-compliant design total extreme level criteria
  • ISO-compliant extreme values for given return periods
  • Misalignment statistics
  • Operational and extreme wave statistics
  • Water level variation and tides

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Metocean specialist
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