Metocean Data

High quality metocean data are essential to the successful planning and completion of offshore and coastal projects. It informs site characterisation, project design and operational planning.

To ensure our analyses provide the best possible outcomes for projects, we create and maintain our own in-house hindcast databases (SEASTATES) and bespoke location-specific models when required.

Using SEASTATES data and related analytical tools we can characterise oceanographic conditions at any place of interest, making it ideal for decision-making.

SEASTATES metocean information is regularly used to inform feasibility studies and structural design, as well as to help clients plan operations and project programmes that are safe, efficient and economical.

Our metocean data:

  • stretches back to the beginning of 1979
  • has a temporal resolution of one hour for winds and waves, and 10 minutes for tides and surges
  • has a near coastal spatial resolution of 5 km for waves, and 2.5km for tides and surges
  • is extensively validated against multiple measured data sources

We provide global metocean statistics for free via our Data Explorer.

Learn about the creation and accuracy of our data, or explore our Calibration Reports.




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