Weather Downtime Express (WDTX)

ABPmer's 24/7 weather downtime calculator

Developed with offshore operators

Underpinned by metocean expertise

Used by marine professionals


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The beauty of the system is its functionality

Consistent risk estimates

Whether bidding or planning your own operations, WDTX allows you to compare weather risk and working costs in a consistent and timely way.

Rapid, iterative testing

Our system allows fine-tuning of planned methodology, assets and scheduling to optimise efficiency and minimise expected weather risk.

No training needed

We designed the calculator with you in mind; WDTX uses software you already know so you don’t waste time learning a new system.

Never off, 24/7 access

Anywhere you have an internet connection, you can access our system. As the process is entirely automated, it's always available.

We have a plan that’s right for you

Service In-house processing Automated service (WDTX) Automated service (WDTX) Automated service (WDTX) 
Access period 3 days 1 month 12 months  12 months
User licences 1 2 5 5
Software induction
24/7 availability
Global access (region map) 1 region (upgrade available) 1 region (upgrade available)
Ongoing support
31 year database    
Option to upload data      
Probability by month    
Task taking longest
Advanced analytics
Billing period  One off Monthly  Annually Annually 

Developed in conjunction with the offshore wind industry, our express service helps clients make quicker weather dependent decisions by offering 24/7 access to ABPmer’s SEASTATES weather downtime calculator.

A user inputs vessel position, tasks and limiting metocean conditions. Once provided, various weather window statistics are calculated and returned within minutes.

The results include: weather downtime and extended task duration at all probability levels, project risk profile, and a breakdown of downtime per task, to enable programme optimisation. All results are provided in both tables of values and easy-to-understand graphics.

Weather downtime is the time spent waiting for the weather to improve so that an operation or task can be undertaken.

This time spent waiting increases the duration of your project and, ultimately has a financial implication.

Poor estimates of weather downtime at the bid stage can either lead to losing the job because your price is too expensive, or losing money on the job because you’ve underestimated how long it will take.

Click below to download our white paper and learn more about calculating weather downtime.



Imagine you knew what the winds, waves and tides were doing everywhere in the world, every hour, back to the beginning of 1979… you have a global hindcast!

Hindcasts use numerical models combined with observations to provide detailed insights into historical weather and oceanographic conditions for long periods of time. This is powerful when planning work years in advance, or when designing an offshore structure with a design life of tens of years. Weather forecasting can’t hope to provide you with an indication of what to expect over that period of time, but detailed analysis of historical weather can arm you with climatic knowledge for your site of interest.

If you find yourself trying to understand the impacts of oceanography and meteorology on your operations or developments, but you’re not an oceanographer or meteorologist, then why not use a service that allows you to concentrate on what you know, rather than struggle with what you don’t?

If you find your bids for offshore construction work being rejected because your estimates of weather downtime are vastly different to those of your competitors, why not level the playing field and show your client that you have given due consideration to this issue?

Any operation in the marine environment which is restricted by the local winds, waves or flow conditions can be assessed using our system. 

Yes. Our Weather Downtime Express (WDTX) service provides automated access to our worldwide SEASTATES hindcast databases.

Of course. We understand that it’s difficult to know whether a software solution is what you need. The best way to decide is to give it a try. Call +44 (0)23 8071 1879 or email us to arrange a free trial.

The WDTX service analyses the proportion of time spent working and not working based on a task list and location you provide.

Statistics are reported by month for a range of probabilities allowing you to assess the statistics most applicable to your assessment.

We provide a range of outputs to help you identify particular areas of project risk, including: identification of the individual tasks in your operation contributing the most weather downtime and providing a timeline of progression through a task list.

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Get in touch and we can set you up with a free trial of the system straight away.

We’ll send you the information you need to get started and you can be trialling the system within 5-10 minutes.

There is no new software to learn, nothing to install, no complicated log-in, no passwords to remember, and yet, your data is completely secure.

No, nothing needs to be installed on your machine. Submissions are made via email using a custom template which we provide, and results are automatically returned directly to you.

We will set you up with a secure client account, and once activated you will be able to use the system with no need to log on with a password.

We offer a range of service plans designed to provide a cost effective option to meet your requirements.

Whether you are planning operations around the world or just one area, require year-round access or just need to use the service for 1 month there will be a plan which suits your needs.

Your subscription will give you 24/7 access to the WDTX service, for the locations and duration you require, with email and phone user support. Nothing hidden costs, nothing taken away.

Alternatively, pay as you go for one-time access to the complete service.

See the price plans on the website or call us on +44 (0)23 8071 1879 to discuss what will work best for you.

All projects that we undertake which consider weather downtime issues use our WDTX service. 

Anyone planning or undertaking marine operations can benefit from using the WDTX service.

Our client list includes many lead marine operators and developers including Fred. Olsen Windcarrier, National Grid, RWE Innogy, RTE France, MPI Offshore, NKT, Seajacks UK Limited and Oceaneering International.

Click below to see case studies from existing users of WDTX.

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