Weather Downtime Express (WDTX)


The 24/7 weather downtime calculator combining your offshore operations knowledge with our metocean expertise

Weather Downtime Express (WDTX)

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The beauty of the system is its simplicity

No training needed

Our system uses interfaces you already know how to use

No software to install

Our cloud-based system means no battles with your IT department, no updating software every time a new version is released.

No additional data costs

Our system comes with free access to our validated SEASTATES metocean hindcast databases, meaning no hidden data costs

Never off, 24/7 access

Anywhere you have an internet connection, you can access our systems 24/7, meaning rapid testing of multiple scenarios

Weather downtime is the time spent waiting for the weather to improve so that a task can be completed. This time spent waiting increases the duration of your project, and ultimately has a financial implication. Poor estimates of weather downtime at the bid stage can either lead to losing the job because your price is too expensive, or losing money on the job because you’ve underestimated how long it will take.

Download our white paper to learn more about calculating weather downtime

If you find yourself trying to understand the impacts of oceanography and meteorology on your operations or developments, but you’re not an oceanographer or meteorologist, then why not use a service that allows you to concentrate on what you know, rather than struggle with what you don’t?

If you find your bids for offshore construction work being rejected because your estimates of weather downtime are vastly different to those of your competitors, why not level the playing field and show your client that you have given due consideration to this issue?

Imagine you knew what the winds, waves and tides were doing everywhere in the world, every hour, back to the beginning of 1979… you have a global hindcast!

Hindcasts use numerical models combined with observations to provide detailed insights into historical weather and oceanographic conditions for long periods of time. This is powerful when planning work years in advance, or when designing an offshore structure with a design life of tens of years. Weather forecasting can’t hope to provide you with an indication of what to expect over that period of time, but detailed analysis of historical weather can arm you with climatic knowledge for your site of interest.

Yes! Wherever your offshore project is, we have the data to support you. Our system provides access to our highly resolved North West European and Baltic SEASTATES hindcast databases, as well as to industry-recognised datasets covering the Globe.

A lot less than it costs you to spend hours considering the weather downtime for each project you bid for, and a lot, lot less than it costs you to lose jobs because your client considers that you’ve over or under-estimated the weather risk!

We have a range of payment options, just get in touch to see which suits your needs best.

Subscribe to the service and be sure of what you’ll be paying, in advance. Our subscription includes unlimited access to the service, and full email and phone support, meaning no nasty surprises during your subscription. Alternatively, pay as you go for one-time access to the complete service.

We can have you up and running with a free trial of the system in around five minutes, and your first try will take you less than one minute to complete.

There is no new software to learn, nothing to install, no complicated log-in, no passwords to remember, and yet, your data is completely secure.

All projects that we undertake which consider weather downtime issues use our WDTX service. 

We understand it is difficult to know whether a software solution is what you need so we offer free access to our weather downtime calculator

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