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Working in the changeable and sometimes harsh marine environment poses a number of challenges. Having the most robust seastate/metocean information is essential to ensure that marine operations and developments achieve maximum efficiency with minimum risk.

SEASTATES, ABPmer’s metocean forecasting service, combines real-time observations with accurate forecasts to the user on demand.

SEASTATES forecasts are provided in <500m resolution.

SEASTATES offers a long-term hindcast database going back to 1979 at hourly intervals.

SEASTATES provides a variety of added-value interface tools which enable our clients to tailor the information on past, present and future conditions to meet their needs.

SEASTATES is the first service to offer an integrated forecasting, hindcasting data management and analysis all in one place.

SEASTATES provides synoptic to regional scale conditions for North West Europe.

To find out how SEASTATES can be tailored to your site requirements, please use the enquiry form or call 023 80711874.

Powered by NOAA.
Data inputs courtesy Channel Coastal Observatory, Marine Institute, MAWS, Met Office and WaveNET.

World Meteorological Organisation Sea State Code

World Meterological Organisation Sea State Code
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