SEASTATES is ABPmer’s metocean information service. Using the tools within SEASTATES we can characterise the oceanographic conditions in a place of interest.

SEASTATES includes historical databases of wind, wave and tidal conditions stretching back to the beginning of 1979, worldwide.

Making use of this powerful dataset helps you design structures, operations and project programmes so that they are safe, efficient and economical.


Why did we create SEASTATES?

Bids are lost, structures are over-designed (or worse, under-designed), and safety may be compromised if high quality metocean data is not used.

We designed our SEASTATES metocean models and hindcast databases to:

1) Characterise past and near-future wave environments to a higher spatial and temporal resolution than other market products;
2) Better inform metocean studies over large or complex area.


Our global hindcast database holds verified metocean data back to 1979.

It’s a powerful resource, but all that data means nothing without accuracy.

In order to provide our clients with a clear insight into the data they are buying, or that we are using on their project, we produced a series of calibration reports, which detail the provenance and accuracy of the data that we’ve created.

Download our model validation reports

If you would like to talk about our services
call our Metocean Team on + 44 (0) 23 8071 1879 to discuss how we can assist you

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